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This is the documentation of URSim - an open source underwater 3D simulation framework for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) developed using Robotics Operating System (ROS) and a real-time game engine Unity3D.

URSim provides the user an intuitive way to simulate underwater vehicles and robots. The software architecture is adaptive to algorithms for control systems, image processing, navigation and manipulation.

Our paper - Simulator for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles using ROS and Unity3D to be presented at UT’19 IEEE-OES conference on April 17 ‘19

URSim features

  1. Feedback control system simulation
  2. Support for dynamic models
  3. Mission planning for underwater vehicles and robots
  4. Underwater vision

URSim provides support for

  1. Underwater sensor modules
  2. Underwater physics
  3. Collision kinematics